Meditation, Manifestation and Affirmations – How I do it

When it comes to meditation I often hear people say something like, "meditating is too hard. There's too many thoughts running through my head and I can't just sit and focus on my breath."

I believe it. I'm the same way. Let me explain how I reset my expectations in order to make meditation more rewarding.

Have you ever been in the market for a new car? You have the make, model and color of the vehicle all picked out in your mind. You read about it. You check out the reviews. Every bit of research gives you a little more confirmation that this car is the right car for you.

The next time you head to work you see one on the road. Then you see another and another. Before long, it seems like they’re everywhere. You never noticed before, but the car your thinking about is everywhere.

This is called the Law of Attraction. It simply means you will attract whatever you focus on.

I use meditation to help create my vision and attract the things that will help it become reality. Here's how.

Meditation takes two forms for me. It can be peaceful, relaxing and clear. The kind where you make space in your mind for new thoughts. Or it can be a chaotic mess where I can’t stop my brain. The kind where I feel like a professional ping pong player in a long rally. No matter what I do, the thoughts keep coming from all directions. The experts say, ‘let the thoughts come and let them go.’ Right…

It’s ok though. Sometimes I snort when I laugh, but it doesn’t stop me from laughing ever again. In the end, what’s most important is that I take intentional effort to relax my mind, body and spirit. I’m not the best meditator on the planet, but I’ve started to really enjoy it. The guided meditations from the Insight Timer app have helped me to focus.

Manifestation is a strange thing. A lot of people think it’s a load of crap. Some people explain it like it’s a magic trick. It’s neither of those things. Manifestation occurs when you spend the time to envision the life you desire. That’s it. You’re creating clarity around your vision for life.

I combine manifestation into my meditations. I struggle to slow my thoughts and I struggle to focus on my breath. Therefore, I use my meditation time to create clarity around my vision and my goals. How do I see myself in the future? Who am I with? What am I doing? How is my business doing? I make an intentional effort to focus my mind on my desired outcome.

Remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live? For years this is what daily affirmations meant to me.

I’m not doing that - Nope.

Then something occurred to me. That was a joke. That’s not what affirmations are. Believing Stuart Smalley was teaching daily affirmations is like thinking Will Farrell was teaching music.

Here’s what daily affirmations are about. It’s about reminding yourself that you’re trying to accomplish something. Intentionally telling the universe that you’d like to attract a scenario.

I consistently tell the universe that I will help thousands of entrepreneurs build their business around their desired lifestyle. I put that on the home page of my website, and I tell people that’s what I do. I repeat that sentence to myself several times a day.

Daily affirmations are the one or two sentences that keep your vision in front of you.

If you deeply desire an outcome, you should intentionally put yourself in a position to focus on that outcome - meditation. You should create clarity around what that outcome looks like – manifestation. And you should consistently remind yourself and the universe of that desire – affirmations.

Lastly, you shouldn’t expect this to change everything for you. Rather, you should only expect it to draw your mind to the opportunities which lead to your desired path. Just like with the car, you start to notice it everywhere. But you won’t notice it in your driveway until you buy it.

Meditation, manifestation and affirmations are about the law of attraction. You will attract whatever you focus on. Be intentional about your focus.