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Schedule A Strategy Session

In your COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Session we will identify the actions you need to take to move you closer to your vision. This is NOT a sales call. This call is 100% about you and your goals.

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You will begin to receive valuable emails. These emails are designed to prepare you for our call by increasing your awareness, desires for a brighter future, and understanding about your current reality.



The Strategy Session, while complimentary, is extremely valuable. This is not a sales call. Rather this call is 100% about you and your business. In this call we will discuss your vision, strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and way forward.

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."

- Jim Rohn


"Highly recommended."

"I highly recommend Worthy Legacy coaching because it blends mindset with specific strategies. I needed the accountability and cashflow tools, but I didn't realize I was missing the growth mindset and the systems to follow through to be successful. I've learned so much and have a great foundation going forward.

Thank you Joe!"

"Thank you!"

"We have reached a point financially (thanks to @worthy.legacy!) where I do not have to work my ass off for the promise of an end-of-year bonus just to get by. Now I'm actually taking time to step back and consider what I want. It's scary and exciting."

"Just the approach I needed!"

"I highly recommend Joe's coaching and services to help get out of the debt cycle and establish financial freedom! I worked with Joe to establish a realistic plan to pay off debt that was holding me back and seemed impossible to get rid of. Joe's approach is direct and straightforward, but he takes into account much more than just finances, incorporating perspectives of holistic well-being into his coaching. It was just the approach I needed! Thank you, Joe!"

"Everything rises and falls on leadership."

- John Maxwell

My Clients

Business owners who need an experienced and professional resource to help with their numbers.

Small to mid-sized businesses.

Individuals who need a financial plan that gives them confidence. (more cash flow, financial education, awareness, better credit, and clear goals.)

Business owners who can't break free from the day-to-day.

Those who desire to become absentee or semi-absentee but aren't sure how to make it happen.

What Will We Do.

Confidential and comprehensive review of your business or personal situation.

Create clarity on what you want to achieve - your vision of the future. If you're not clear on your desires then you'll never break free.

A comprehensive and honest collaboration between you and your coach. We'll create a clear game plan on what needs to be done.

Accountability, honest feedback and help with deliverables. You will not be alone and I can play as big of a role as necessary. I can create deliverables that help you to leverage your time.

Deliverables, templates, and resources to help you save time and accomplish your goals quickly.

Get Results. We're not successful unless you're successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different than other coaches and consultants?

I'm not a sales person, I'm an operations, finance, and leadership person.

Meaning, I don't focus on making the promise.

I focus on delivering, quantifying, and influencing the results.

My business is successful for one reason - my clients are successful.

I understand that fact and that's why I've been doing this since 2009.

Will you provide deliverables?

Pricing will depend on scope of work. If you need deliverables, then I will provide them. If you don't, then I won't.

The free session will be used to understand your needs and desires.

What level of experience do you have?

I've worked with publicly traded companies, led teams of over 200 people, created and implemented systems for businesses doing $125 in annual sales, completed over 75 fix-and-flips across 5 states, completed over 100 real estate transactions, coached over 700 business owners and real estate investors, owned 3 successful restaurants, and blah blah blah.

Truthfully it doesn't matter.

The only thing that truly matters is the success of my current relationships.

Over 75 of my coaching clients have been working with me for over 3 years. Not because of a contract, but because they see ROI.

Can managers or employees join our call?

In the early phases of our relationship I'll work exclusively with you (the owner). If you'd like to bring your team in later then we can discuss the need.

How often can we meet?

I hate to be vague, but it all depends. There will be times when we need to meet often. There will be times when we're better off implementing our strategy. We'll decide what works best based upon the action plan we create.

Remember, it's not about being busy. It's about achieving results.

During what times can we meet?

Office hours are M-F from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (mst).

What is the cost of your services?

Cost and term may vary depending on your needs.

I've had some contracts at $500 per month for 1x1 coaching.

I've had others pay six-figures + stock based compensation.

Once I understand you and your needs then we'll create a service package based on clear expectations.

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Joe McKowen

President - Worthy Legacy


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